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Air White

I am a student of the Earth. I am a mother, an herbalist, a garden-tender, a medicine-maker, a singer of songs, a guide of the practice of Yoga Nidra. I have combined my love for plants with the practice of Yoga Nidra and created Earth Medicine Nidras, soothing the nervous system while simultaneously connecting you to the genius within.

Because ultimately, nature is a mirror. An external spectacle and simultaneously, a glimpse into our innermost world. Here to inspire connection to all of LIFE. We can learn so much from the living sentience that is planet Earth. Every plant, seed, weed, root, tree, flower and season has a teaching for us. The Earth Medicine Nidras unite this ancient practice of surrender with the wisdom of the Earth.

Air is joining us from New Hamburg, Ontario.

Earth Medicine Nidra

Our time together will begin with a short introduction of the practice and the plant that we will be connecting with. A beautiful way to experience the plant is to smell and/or apply a plant-infused oil or potion. Connecting externally to the medicine that we will then lie down and experience internally. The majority of my presentation will be a guided experience of deep rest. Through deep rest, participants will be guided into the deepest layers of being where they can access the most subtle layers of the self and receive the medicines and teachings of the plant that wishes to be shared with the group.

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