Festival schedule

Our schedule for 2022 is now live! Click the link below to discover  the flow of presentations, workshops, performances. Please note that this schedule is subject to change. In the event changes are made, ticket holders will be notified via email.


the line up + presentations

We are honored to continue bringing together this growing group of  incredible facilitators, performers, and healers from all over Canada. Each facilitator holds a special medicine, so trust that if you're being drawn to a certain workshop or frequency held - that it is for a reason. We encourage you to follow your intuition to choose your own empowered journey.


'Awakening to your inner Witch'
with Moonwell

Within each woman is a wise witch- one whose womb holds a cauldron for 

creation of power, her blood teeming with ancestral wisdom, her intuition

guiding the path towards self healing. It's time to dethrone our guru's

and listen to the spells silently chanting within to awaken our inner witch

(and lick our witch wounds).

MOON|WELL is a modern day coven and self healing movement for women

seeking wellness. 


Join Jillian for one of her renowned 'Joy Sessions' where you will be soulfully

steeped in rose medicine to inspire self compassion and divine self love. 

Slow down, get curious and be swaddled in pure joy to remember that this

is our birthright- and to reignite this world with our light!

Jillian Schecher is a multi-passionate Joy + Mindfulness Coach and the author of The Daily Joy Journal.  She teaches people how to use The Joy Method™ and experience more balance, abundance and JOY in ALL aspects of life.



'The Joy Workshop with Jillian Schecher

A somatic, embodied gathering dedicated to touching into our rage + grief, with the intention of returning to reconciliation - for all our relations. We will commune, listen, pray, move, roar, release, reconcile and return home to our bodies. 

Brooklyn and Emma are storytellers, medicine women and master space holders. Together, we carry the wisdom to intimately, safely hold women in their emotional depths - to support them in embodying and being witnessed in their grief, rage, joy, sovereignty and wild self-expression. 




'wild edge' a sacred rage ceremony
with brooklyn vienneau and emma o'connor

What does embodiment mean, and what would it be like to live life, embodied? 

Through her incredible teachings and guided deep somatic meditative experiences, Katie will bring you deeper into an unshakeable sense of authentic self.  

Katie is a body movement and awareness facilitator, photographer and writer passionate about somatic healing and living life embodied.




'embodied' with katie jolicoeur


'reclaiming sacred and sovereign sexuality
with fertility awareness' by chloe skerlak
& emily mattingsley

Experience an immersive and interactive introduction to Fertility Awareness as a tool for reclaiming sacred and sovereign sexuality. When we learn to stand in the strength of understanding our unique cycle, we come to see we are wise enough to manage our sexual choices by our Self. In this workshop, we will relearn the womxns’ ways of Fertility Awareness Method.

Chloe Sklerak: www.chloesklerak.com/ @chloeskerlak

Emily Mattingsley: www.moujamoon.com/ @moujamoon

Our Inner Child is the birthplace of many wounds and oftentimes they are left hurt and forgotten in the deepest parts of the Heart. Experience Balancing Energy Work throughout the room, while you partake in this Hypnosis Soul Journey. Bring love to your inner child, their wounds and recreate a safe haven for the child within to laugh, play and explore. Remember that you are loved.

Jaide is a CHt, NLP, Chakra Therapist, Trauma-Informed, Lifestyle Meditation Teacher, Wellness Speaker & soon to be published Author!



'meeting your inner child'
a group hypnosis experience with jaide izon


'Awakening the divine within' 
with elise brathwaite

In this group SRT healing session, Elise taps into the  consciousness of the group to illuminate the past life themes that are ready to be cleared and healed. Through this live transformational session individuals will clear karmic energies, soul contracts and current life limitations which will allow for real time ascension and the permission to live more fully in their light.

Elise is a Clairvoyant Modern Day Oracle, a Soul Speaker, Sage and Full Fledged

Aquarian here to support humanities evolution!


Dance, Move, Smile and feel Free to 'B' you! The b. class®is a international sensation of movement, music and liberation needed to be experienced by women everywhere. Be led by Tara, founder of The b. class®, through a dance journey that brings you back home to your self. "As the creator, I just want to have more women feel and experience the healing powers that we all have within ourselves. It's a journey that we dance through and the end result is up to us. "


'the b. class' with 
tara newbigging


Open your heart, even wider in this beautifully led practice by Angeli Knight. 

Angeli is a yoga teacher with over a decade of teaching experience as well as birth keeper whose witnesses mother's birthing in their sovereign power. Her passion lies in  creating safe spaces where mamas can feel seen, feel heard, and explore who they are. In this class, be ready to unwind your body, and take nourishment in those sweet moments of calm and simplicity.



"mama & baby yoga' with angeli knight

We are so excited to welcome back Kahtja this multi-musical force for a second year! Don't miss this soulful beauty and her keys, playing on Friday night!


live performance
with kahtja


'sexuality, fertility + desire through the
lens of traditional chinese medicine'
with dr. nicole broadhurst

Uncover ancient Chinese Medicine philosphies on healing imbalances in our reproductive health - and the crucial yet underrated role of desire as it plays out in our physical and spiritual health.

Dr. Nicole is a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor practicing for almost 6 years  specializing in fertility and reproductive medicine.



Join Kerri, owner of Lil Ryley Farms, where she shares her wisdom on building a humble homestead  from the ground up. Even if your goal is not to homestead, come learn how to become more resourceful, sustainable and be in reciprocity with your food.

Kerri is the owner of Lil Ryley farms- a homestead of  sheep, hens, chickens, peacocks, horses and large vegetable garden that feeds her family + community.


'from city girl to farm girl'
Kerri Giesbrecht


Transformative alchemy with intentional kombucha brewing.
by michelle leclair

This is NOT your typical kombucha class! Learn the art of booch craft using moon water, crystals and adaptogenic herbs. while getting an better understanding of brewing techniques with Kombucha Queen- Michelle Leclair, owner of Wolseley Kombucha in Winnipeg! Workbook and samples will be provided.



Come and join us in elevating your vibration, realigning with your true self & creating an intentional practice.Kundalini yoga is a complete science, combining posture, breath, mantra and meditation in a potent and effective system of personal development and self-transformation. This class helps calm the nervous system, ignite intuition and expand radiance from the inside out.

Isabel is passionate about Yoga & Wellness, Isabel Fry, a certified 500 hr. Yoga, Kundalini & Meditation Teacher as well as Reiki practitioner and Teacher, is a gentle and intuitive healer that uses different tools like crystals, sound, essential oils and light energy to support and help her clients grow and thrive.



kundalini yoga with isabele negrete

''the wisdom of ayurveda' by sonia dhillon

Discover the foundations and practices of Ayurveda. Together, we will dive deep into the elemental biology of our bodies, how to dance with the rhythms of our Cosmic Mother, and how to honour our body and nervous system through the ancient practice of self abhyanga.

Sonia is a Ayurvedic Therapist holding ancient ancestral wisdom in deep reverence through offerings of sacred body work and therapies. Sonia has felt and answered the call to be in service to women through preconception, pregnancy and postpartum care and healing.



Enter in a warm, dark space lit with twinkly candles and drop in, deeply. You will be guided through a yoga nidra practice that will help you to unwind and restore. We can't think of a better way to settle in before a good night's sleep or before dancing the night away! Make sure to bring a mat, as well as a  blanket or scarf to cuddle up with.

Sheena Andrea has been teaching yoga nidra for 10 years- we highly recommend checking her our on insight timer or youtube- she has such an incredibly soothing voice we can't get enough of!




acoustic performance by halle may hobbs

Halle May says she has been singing since she was 3 years old- but you can hear in her voice that she has been singing for many lifetimes! At only 12 years old, she's passionate about singing, song writing and playing guitar and ukulele. Catch Halle  performing Friday evening at our firesize gazebo.



Let's talk about how our experience of sex shapes who we are and what we see in the world, and what we can do about it. Come take a look at your individual vital, creative, and sexual expression, and the supreme significance of sisterhood and support from women on your sacred sexual path.

Kirby specializes in trauma integration, focusing on sexual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health. While treats clients and teach students from all walks of life, her passion lies in women's health and healing, especially sexual health, pussy and body reclamation supporting libido/creativity/vitality through emotional liberation and integration.


(but probably not in the way you've been taught).
by kirby criddle


'walking through the fires of ascension'
with mandy trapp

Join Lemurian Midwife, Mandy Trapp in an unbelievably powerful group breath-work session woven together by ecstatic dance, big music, transformational breathing, channelled mantras, and an opportunity to call in the support of our Lemurian ancestors to stand with us as we courageously walk through the fires of ascension. 


Mandy Trapp is the founder of The Practice™ - the combination of simple movement, transformational breathwork, and intentional mantras and affirmations for focus and manifestation. Shop her Lemurian Crystal Collection online or in person at the festival!  @mandytrapp

image0 (3).jpeg

Join the legendary Michelle, Matriarch of Moonlodge Medicine, in an interactive moon journey along the medicine wheel. In this meditative exploration, you will be guided to journey with the story of your inner child-and find out where you are on the wheel.


Michelle Hanson-Cunningham is a Nehiyaw Moon Medicine Woman and has been sharing the teachings of the Medicine Wheel for 15 years. She lives her life in a shamanic way, initiated by her teachers to be a Wheel Keeper and Matriarch of the Moonlodge.



'moons & the medicine wheel'
with michelle hanson-cunningham


'awakening the voice' by tanjeryne hoffman

Awaken your voice in this one of a kind workshop with singer/songwriter/yoga teacher goddess, Tanjeryne. Be led through gentle movement as you discover how to release various diaphragms in your body to meet your authentic voice from deep within.

Tanjeryne is the co-owner of City and Soul Wellness Collective as well as Ancient Flame- beautiful candles & self love rituals- be sure  out in our marketplace and listen to her performance Friday night!  @tanjeryne/ @ancientflamebytanjeryne

Promotional Images 2.jpg

Join renowned healer, Dr. Geha, in a practice will include elements of yoga, mudra and tantra to support deep connection to the sacred feminine within. Every woman needs to know that it's time to share the gift of the sacred feminine now. Now is the time to develop and share our shakti power, to help restore balance individually and globally.

Dr. Geha is an acupuncturist, healer, herbalist, teacher of Qi Gong and yoga, shiatsu practitioner and teacher, performer, poet, business woman and owner of Wellness on Whyte.


mother earth Qi-gong with dr.geha 


embodied yin with sarah zandbeek

Relax, restore and bridge feminine and masculine dualities through a juicy movement practice, finishing in a yoga nidra practice that will leave you feeling whole and held.

Sarah Zandbeek is a yogini, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and mother of two beautiful wild earthlings. 



Join the beautiful songstress Brooklyn Blue for an acoustic set and see why we brought her back for the second year. Miss Blue's angelic voice and soulful songwriting touches on themes of sexuality, adolscence, love and is steeped in undertones of her spirituality.



image0 (2).jpeg

'from self objectification to self actualization- a journey home to your body'

Join Jenn Gray, body advocate and Erin Nelson, registered dietician as they take us through a road map through body acceptance and back home into the body. A powerful workshop for any woman, of any size, to understand how we can opt out of diet culture and rewrite the narrative of health for our own bodies.

erin: @balancenutritioncounselling

jenn: @jenngray83


Are you curious about how to support your ECS (endocannabinoid system) using Cannabis? Join Kala, Cannabis Nurse, to discover how the western medical system contributes to ECS distress- and how we can be changing the entire health care system, cannabis industry and destigmatizing cannabis culture by reclaiming cannabis the holistic healing powerhouse it was always meant to be.

  Kala is a RN of 10 years and is owner of The Cannabis Nurses. writer and instructer of the first accredited cannabis nursing program in Canada through The CIIND.


'cannabis & women's health: a revolution' 
by kala sanmartin


'the aligned womb' yoga workshop
with kate nguy

Tap into the wisdom of our inner seasons with a gentle yoga flow led by Sacred Womb and Cycle Mentor, Kate Nguy.

Kate is the owner of Shee Revival, where she helps women decode their cycle so they can align to the wisdom of their womb and the divine feminine. Kate has a gift of using the teachings of the cycle to empower women to see their gifts and superpowers as cyclical beings.

@sheerevival/ @fertilitycoachkate


When we first heard Kerry sing- her words brought us to our knees. Her lyrics are poignant for the times- rooted in the divine feminine, self love, empowerment and adventure. Don't miss Kerry singing live on Friday evening!


acoustic performance with
kerry hunter



Mikwan was gifted her first Eagle feather at 11 years old. Since then, she has kept learning from her elders and teachers. Always adding to her medicine pouch of abilities and strengths, she currently serves people on their healing journeys as an Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master. She has a passion for Crystal Singing Bowls and uses sound to help return us to our innate state of well-being. 

June Palmer is a proud First Nation Woman from Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation. The name given to her in Spirit Lodge, Mikwan (pronounced Me-gwon), means 'Feather' in Cree @mikwanenergyworks

Mikwan-Energy-Works-014 (2).jpg

'mama ceremony' with amber baran-tulett

Find freedom and magic as you journey through the elements of yoga - breathwork, meditation and asana (gentle vinyasa flow), tantra practice and ecstatic free dance to bring us into a deep self-connection. Make sure to bring a journal with you!

Jaclyn is a dancing yogi with over 15 years of experience who uses this practice to create safe spaces to allow people to be who they truly are. @yogajacks

'tantric yoga dance' by jacyln chestley

image_6483441 (1).JPG

'KindrÊd' moving meditation by theresa de rox

What is KINDRÊD? Some call it 'meditation, evolved'. A rhythmic, fluid practice that's powered by movement, human connection & mirror neurons that teaches you to regulate your emotions.
The practice is so simple & intuitive- the basics can be learned by a child in 10 minutes, but so deep it can be explored for a lifetime. 




An introduction into the kingdom of fungi from ecology, medicine, bioneering and art. Without fungi, there would be no life as we know it. But why are they important?
There is far more here than meets the eye. In our time together we will journey through biology, history, medicinal superstars, practical knowledge and art. Learn how to incorporate fungi in your life, and gain a deeper appreciation for their unique role in nature.

For over a decade, Danielle Caners has been steeping in health and wellness practices. She’s a certified Integrative Herbalist with Hollow Reed School, a certified Master Herbalist with Wild Rose College, a certified Conscious Connected Breathwork Facilitator, a certified Nutrition Coach, and a globally recognized visual artist, who’s continually building on her fields of study. Danielle facilitates transformational experiences internationally including Envision Festival in Costa Rica,Sangha festival in Alberta, and healing retreats in Sedona, Arizona.


'myco wisdom' with danielle caners


'Mama tea ceremony': embracing the magic within the mess of motherhood with karli kuruz

Come join Karli for an experience of integrating daily ritual into the realm of motherhood and a time for connection with Self and one another. 

Karli is a yoga teacher, meditation guide, and a global experiential leader, hosting workshops, retreats and tea ceremonies for women since 2014. She is also a mama to her sweet daughter, Davie, who has influenced profound reintegration that inspires to create everyday ritual into the messy, chaotic and beautiful realm of motherhood.



'Exploring Micro:Macro Dosing Plant Medicine and the Keys to Integration' with jenn moonflower silver

In this session, Jenn will lead a guided and informative journey into the exploration of microdosing and macrodosing plant medicine, focused primarily around working with psilocybin as a plant medicine ally. This session is for you if you have ever been curious about how to enter into a sacred and healing practice with psilocybin and plant medicine in a transformative setting, whether in a daily microdosing protocol or as a macro dosing transformative experience.

Jenn is wildly immersed and inspired by many lineages, practices and cultures within the world. Her journey through facilitation and discovery has led her to all corners of the earth and she has obtained certifications in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Cacao Facilitation and Psychedelic Harm Reduction. She also weaves together teachings from Ayurveda, Shamanism, Plant Medicine into her practice. With over 10+ years experience and 200+ ceremonies and facilitation working with plant medicine and the community, Jenn’s offerings are unique and rich with medicine and wisdom.

@jenn.moonflower  @zumgarden  @shaadokash  @nuancients 



Join Andrea Terrones, shamanic doula and massage therapist to discover the art of 'womb tending' through womb and abdominal massage. This is a hands on class where you will learn simple techniques with 'Sabados', an ancestral practice in Mexican culture, passed down to Andrea, where the  focus lies on optimal abdominal and womb alignment.  This class is not just for mamas, but anyone yearning to work with their womb space.

Andrea will be joining us from Calgary, Alberta and specializes in hands on, hands in pelvic, womb and abdominal work. She is passionate about supporting women through their transitions in life. 



'mama ceremony' with amber baran-tulett

Kaylin is an emerging folk singer songwriter born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Her soft, vulnerable yet raspy overtones are reminiscent of female sensations Norah Jones and Stevie Nicks- this is a performance you will not want to miss!


acoustic performance
with kaylin kowalyshyn


a new angle on intersectional feminism
by erin davis

 Explore the meanings of intersectionality and rethink the way that we approach feminism with Lead Inclusion Strategist, Erin Davis. A crucial topic for the times, Erin will show the ways that multiple forms of inequality can compound themselves and create obstacles that are not understood through conventional ways of thinking about structures such as feminism or social justice advocacy. This engagement will tackle the topic of feminism from a new angle to understand the compounding impacts of intersection in a modern society.

Erin Davis is an award winning expert, inspiration speaker and global leader in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion, helping people feel a sense of connection and belonging.



Ecstatic dance
girl pwr party   


Come dance the night away with Dollhaus with music by YELRIHS, Future Spice, HAHA and performances by THEWITCHPANTHER,

Maya Bird, Scarletta Fox and Sunflower Sidney

Dollhaus is a female ran art collective that facilitates safe, inclusive and sexy dance spaces. @dollhaus.yeg